How to remove hair colour at home: Adee Phelan Hair Colour Remover Review

My hair had been many colours, and in the past I have used bleach to strip black hair dye, and Colour B4. I am generally happy with Colour B4, and have used it more than once.

My hair is currently pretty appalling.

The only explanation (and excuse) I have is that been so busy getting the salon ready, that it has just seemed silly doing anything to it. But it has been making me feel pretty miserable!

I was, serendipitously, offered a new hair colour removal product, so now I finally can get started on getting my hair back on track! Most of the painting at the salon is now done, so I feel like I can start taking care of myself again!

Adee Phelan's Hair Colour Remover, at first glance seems exactly like Colour B4, so I'm keen to compare and contrast.

The instruction booklet, and all of the bottles tell me that I need to watch Adee's online video prior to use. Something about this bothers me! I shouldn't have to turn on a computer prior to using a hair product, and because I'm stubborn, I still haven't watched it!

Adee starts by explaining how hair dye works, and how hair colour remover products work. The instructions are actually written in first person, which is slightly unusual.

As is standard with hair products you are advised to do a skin test and a strand test. I haven't done either. I never do....whoops.

I actually wasn't super keen on the directions sheet. Its very text heavy, and not completely clear. For example it didn't tell me to shake the mixture, after mixing the two bottles together.

The smell is the same as Colour B4, and the system you follow is the same. I'm currently typing this with it processing on my hair. The only difference I can see so far is that Adee advises waiting 3 days before re-colouring, whereas Colour B4 says you can re-colour straight away.

Washing these products out takes a strong arm and a timer! You musn't skimp on the washing time, as the molecules will expand again if they're left in the hair.

Sadly, the result isn't very impressive! It has faded the pink a touch, but I am now guessing the pink is stained inside the hair cuticle, which these colour removal products can't shift. 

Watch this space for how I fix my hair!