How to make your mornings suck less

If you're not a natural morning person, but life still requires you to get up, here are my tips for making your waking moments less sucky.

1. Break the habit of snoozing. Rarely do those extra minutes make you feel more awake. It's just procrastination.

2. Buy an alarm clock that wakes you up with light. I have an old Lumie light back from when I was a teacher, and it's not quite a miracle but definitely helps.

3. Wake up to music. I have my DAB radio set to turn on a few minutes before the alarm goes off. 

4. If you can, wake up slow. I take just over an hour to get up, half the time is spent getting ready, and half is just time to catch up with life, watch some youtube, have a coffee etc. I hate getting ready in a rush. Sets you up for a bad day.

5. Have a morning routine that includes joy. I have a coffee machine next to my bed, so I get to start each day with a cup of happiness.