How to make an ice-cold blended coffee at home (and it's vegan too) #nutribullet

I've been a tad naughty of late, and have skipped my morning green smoothie, and have replaced it with homemade blended iced coffee. I used to have two coffees and then my Nutriblast (smoothie made with a Nutribullet blender), but it's too hot right now for hot coffee in the morning.

So here is my cheap, delicious and easy cold coffee recipe, which I make every morning with my Nutribullet.

I start with some ice cubes in the bottom of my Nuribullet cup, add a whole banana, a heaped tablespoon of instant coffee (use less if you're not a coffee fiend like me), a spoon of sugar (use less if you don't love sugar like me). I don't add any milk, the banana makes it super creamy. I fill half way with water, and then blend!