How to find your own sense of style (and not get lost in fashion)

As someone who has taken photos of her outfits for many years, and blogged over 1000 outfits, I've had the opportunity to reflect on my own sense of style.  I used to write about finding a sense of rockabilly fashion, then vintage fashion,  which eventually evolved over the years to what I currently wear. I'd say my style now straddles rockabilly, vintage and modern fashions, which I suppose is what style essentially is. Finding a way of dressing that pleases you, and if you want to be 'stylish', that pleases others too.

Having a clear sense of style makes getting dressed in the morning easier, saves you money and ensures you feel fabulous most days. Getting ready is easier as your clothes match each other, and suit you. You save money as you only buy what you'll wear, and you'll feel awesome as you're going to wave good bye to hating your clothes. Woohoo.

It's lovely that people seem to like what I wear, or how I put outfits together, so I thought I'd share some of my advice on developing your own fabulous style.

1. Get inspired by others. Browse pinterest (I created a board that I use when I'm feeling a little directionless - Style Inspo for ReeRee) , and keep an eye out in real life too. You may well start seeing a theme developing.

2. Get inspired by yourself. What outfits that you already own make you feel amazing? What clothes do you love when you wear them? This is the feeling you should be chasing each and every time you get dressed, there is no reason to save feeling ace for special occasions.

3. Think about how you want your style to make you feel. Do you want to feel sexy, powerful, creative, fun, quirky, edgy etc. My current word is "Kickarse".