How to change the world

I've posted about Kid President more than once before - A Pep Talk and  20 things we should say more often. It's time for another one!

This one, "How to Change The World" really rang true with me, and I wanted to transcribe some of it and share it. I think you'll like it.


Kid President's Guide to Changing The World:

1. Complain about it.

2.Have lots of money.

3. Be loud and yell a lot, "Do it my way!"

4. Make fun of everything. "It's easy to make fun of everything but it's cooler to make stuff."

5. Let smarter people do it.

6. Ignore everything.

7. Be famous.

8. Be powerful.

Are you guilty of believing any of these excuses for not changing your little corner of the world? Do you sometimes forget that changes happen when ordinary people make them. Changes don't need to be huge to make a difference to someone. We all need reminding of this sometimes.

He advises, that when you feel overwhelmed, remember this:

"Things don't have to be the way they are."