How often do you wash your hair?

This 1950s haircare video advises washing hair once every two weeks (or more if required) which definitely seems like an alien concept to a lot of modern women. Me and most of my friends wash our hair about once a week, which seems to surprise people when I tell them!

I'm a big believer that the idea of daily washing was sold to us when pharmaceutical companies wanted to sell more shampoos and conditioners (and realised what an industry it could become). Hair can take a little while to adjust, but I'm pretty positive most people can reduce the frequency that they wash their hair.

Why would you want to wash your hair less?

1. You'll save water

2. You'll save money on shampoo and conditioner

3. You'll save time

4. You'll be able to style your hair less, and therefore be kinder to your hair (less heated appliances)

5. If you colour your hair the colour will last much longer! It's washing it that fades it!