How often do you wash your hair?

How often do you wash your hair? I tend to average every 6 days at the moment, and yes that's with gym visits too ;-)

So I asked twitter, and here are some of the answers!

Dinoprincesschr twice a day usually :(

Slutbagsmcgee it was every day but after getting a colour flash I've started using dry shampoo, so 2-3 days

Twenty3Eight Every other day. Oily head!

AmyFoster18 Now about twice a week. Used to be every other day, but I'd be lank by 3pm!

KayaCobb everyday... I'm trying to go longer cos it's ruining my hair but it feels horrible where I'm used to doing it daily

ladykrw every other day!

inkfairy every 6 days? I'm about twice a week..

rchlwilliams most days now I've gone back bleached hate smelly hair after gym, nothing beats post workout shower! X ;-)

DarkRetro Every other day. I have a lot of hair but it's fine....

handmadebygg when I have crazy colours as little as I can get away with but my roots tend to get greasy. x

voussouriez once a week maybe twice? :) xo

msmoonmakeup I think every 4-5 days. I used to be every other but it's in so much better quality now.

LexingtonSteel twice a week max. Dry shampoo is my best friend!

katkins1982 Every day to every other day (But I use a lot of product and have psoriasis)

gennamcwhinnie every 2nd day, sometimes 3rd day if I can't be arsed & have it tied up

OldFashionedSus once or twice a week x

theFloridaGurl Every 4 or 5 days.

maybekatiejane Yep, every 6 or 7 days but occasionally more often if I have been doing crazy sport in extra hot temps, sweat central. Mmmm.

MrsDreamyAzz on your advice I'm down to four days!!! Definitely easier to style as mine's so flyaway! :-)

LaraLaRouge Um. Every day! If I could style it as well as you, I wouldn't wash it as much, but I'm absolutely hopeless.

So how often do you wash your hair, and has it changed? I used to be an every night kind of girl!