How often do you really need to get your hair cut?

how often do I need a haircut

"You really should get your hair cut, little and often," is a well-repeated, and often hated phrase that you'll hear from your hairdresser. If you're trying to grow your hair, your anxiety levels will sky-rocket when your stylists insists it's time for a trim. 

Are we saying it to make more money from you, or because your hair actually needs cutting that regularly? I'm here to help smash some haircutting myths.

green hair extended root

1. "Your hair will grow faster if you trim it regularly" - Clearly this is nonsense. Hair grows from the root, and we're cutting the ends off. It doesn't impact how fast your hair leaves your scalp, but it's based on a truth of sorts. What does happen, when you don't trim your hair, is that your split ends continue splitting...upwards. So when you eventually cut it, you'll need even more cut off, to get rid of your split ends. If you can imagine your hair strand like a cheese string, split ends peel upwards, and can only be removed with scissors. If you leave the string/split too long, it just continues to split, higher and higher.

So yes, cutting your hair little and often, can mean that in the end, your hair can remain longer, as you'll have happy and healthy blunt ends on your hair shafts.

how often do we cut our hair

2. Our hair strands don't all grow uniformly, so as your hair grows, some will become longer than others. This can give your hair a rather straggly appearance, and make it seem thinner and rather tangly. This is exaggerated if you've also got breakages at the bottom. This leads to 'ghost' hair, which people often cling onto as it gives them a sense of length, when really its a few straggly ends. 

how often short hair cut

3. If you have shorter hair, you'll notice the length growing really fast, especially if you have your neck on show. You may even need a trim every 4 weeks to keep it looking really sharp. If you have a fringe, you may even need that trimmed every 2 weeks to keep it tamed and glorious. 

how often fringe trim haircut

There isn't a magical answer to how often you should get a trim, but its well worth asking a hair stylist you trust, to help you keep your hair looking its best. Your hair length, condition and goals will all determine your optimal trim-time, but you should really be aiming somewhere between 8-12 weeks as a general guide.