How long do Directions hair colours last? Are they permanent?

are la riche directions permanent

We love making hair colourful. We take inspiration from rainbows. mermaid, and unicorns to create fabulous hair. We tend to use La Riche Directions for these fun colours, although we do sometimes use L'Oreal, Crazy Colour and Adore to get the exact shades we want. The question we get asked the most is, "How long do these rainbow colours last?".

La Riche themselves do not specify the length of time their colours last, so I promise we're not being purposefullly shady when we say that "it just depends and isn't predictable".

do directions colours last

The colours are officially a semi-permanent, but this doesn't mean it will definitely just fade out of your hair, as if they were never there. The inner core of the hair shaft can become stained, and you may find your hair just won't shift the final residue from that time you went bright green. Some colours fade better than others, so definitely ask us if you're not sure!

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The colours fade with washing, so washing as little as possible is key. Aim for about once a week to start with. They also get stripped with certain shampoos, sulphates are a particular offender, however salon-quality shampoos do tend to generally offer more protection than cheap ones. Anti-dandruff shampoos are what we suggest if you're trying to strip your own colour, so definitely stay clear if you're trying to protect yours!

If you have an all over colour, you can easily add some of your Directions to your conditioner, and give yourself a weekly colour refresh, without too much faff. They don't damage your hair, so feel free to top up as much as you like at home!