How I'm returning to eating better (my clothes don't fit)

Years ago I changed my relationship with food, lost some weight and got fitter. I felt great, and I loved how free I felt. I focused on nourishment, and my body felt like my own. It took work, but actually once it'd snapped into place it felt oddly easy. I never felt deprived, and generally found it simple to just keep repeating the choices I wanted to make.

I maintained my low-carb food choices for a couple of years, but it slipped away from me. I don't eat terribly, I'm not eating crisps and chocolate every day. My vegetable intake is still pretty ok. However, what with having a relationship, changing my life patterns and just taking my eye off the ball, I'm not eating how I'd like to be.

I've stuck with the gym, not always consistently, but regularly enough that I count myself as a gym go-er, but you can't out-run a bad diet. And I've been slipping too many treats in for my liking.

My clothes don't fit.

Ugh. They don't do up, and I'm feeling a little lame about it. So, it's time to rediscover my love of the right foods for me. It's time to rediscover that stodgy foods aren't a 'treat'. Not fitting into my clothes isn't a treat.

So I've been working on falling back to where I was happiest. Habits are really hard to break, but there is a way that works for me. One choice at a time. Each meal just reminding myself that I just want to make my right choice, this once. Taking small chunks of decisions, not massive ones. One meal at a time. Buying dinner it means I just have to worry about one choice, right now. Without getting overwhelmed.

So far, so good. I'm giving up the cereal again (my favourite and main treat) and refocusing on eating whole foods, and low-carb. I find focusing on nutrition works for me, so white foods tend to carry very little nutrition, so I stay away. I'm also waving bye to wine again, which crept back in. Back to vodka. Not that I drink much! But still.

Our bodies and our food and exercise choices are ours to make. We all deserve to feel however we want to feel, and we owe health, size or strength to no one. Happiness and joy isn't reserved for a certain body type. Just in case you wondered.