How I curl/set/roll my hair

I seem to get the most responses when I blog about my hair. I have have done one short hair tutorial and one longer hair tutorial. I am no hair expert, and don't have perfect sets, but I appreciate that sometimes perfect tutorials can be a bit intimidating. I hadn't blogged this week yet, so I tried to take a few pics of my curler set befor I took them out.

So, last night I put them in. I use cheap foam rollers. I sleep in them with a headscarf - you get used to it I promise!

Here I am, minus the scarf.




I put them in without looking in a mirror, so they are never perfectly lined up, but I just aim to have the ones surrounding my face, and then the back ones go in quite messily.

 This is the hair with the rollers taken out. You can see the directiosn of the curls.


I then brushed it out. I sometimes use a comb. If you brush into your hand you can mold the shape of the curl quite nicely.

It isn't my best set, but as a day-to-day do it will do. I'm off for a meeting about tax, so I'm hardly too fussed about my hair! I added a photoshop 'tash to recognise Movember.