How I create a faux bang (fake Bettie Page fringe)

I tweeted this picture of me on the way to the salon today, and a few people asked about my fringe, so I got to work, and created a little faux fringe photo tutorial. Let me know if you find it useful!

I have a real Bettie Page fringe cut in, but I start creating my faux fringe by grabbing the hair from behind my real fringe. The real fringe will be hidden within the faux one.

I use a brush at this stage, to make the top of the fringe smooth. It doesn't really matter what happens in the middle of it!

I use a doughnut for the 'rat' element of the hairdo. A traditional rat is made with your own hair, so that the colour match it perfect. You can use a stocking and stuff if with your dead hair from a hairbrush if you fancy it! I use kirby grips (Bobby pins) and a scarf.

Now to roll! Don't worry about spreading the hair over the doughnut, just keep it in the middle.

You can see the doughnut still sticks out of the sides. Do not panic.

This is an attempt to show me spreading the hair over the roll. However, what needs to be done before this is to grip the doughnut in with kirby grips. I use about 4 grips on each side, and criss-cross them over each other, pushing them through the doughnut or rat. I then spread the hair across the rat.

I then use a head scarf to tie around my head. This sort of keeps it in place, and makes the fact that your fringe starts at the back of your head less silly looking!

As you can see, it isn't perfect, but who needs perfect hair to go out to work? Its good enough, and that's enough.

You may want to watch Fleur De Guerre's video, which is what helped me initially! Thanks Fleur!