How i cope when I have an ugly day

having an ugly day

No matter how much we've worked on feeling good enough, pretty enough or beautiful, we all have days that are tough. I was getting ready for date night with B, and became really overwhelmed by how 'not pretty' enough I felt.This is a rare feeling for me, as I tend to find with make-up I feel good enough, so it hit hard. Suddenly my change in hair colour felt horrible, and my eye wrinkles which have been deeper this year felt like I'd aged ten years over night.  My body felt ill-fitting and I was quickly losing my excitement about the night ahead.

I got strict with myself. I reminded myself that our thoughts are often not true. We often place too much weight on our own thoughts. I mean, factually, I looked the same as I did most days, and most days I cope with myself just fine. I also factually understand that having wrinkles under your eye (as most of us do in our 30s) doesn't make us ugly or undesirable. 

I have a feel fail safe strategies I fall back on if I'm feeling crappy. Wearing a bandana always gives my spirit a kick up the arse, so I whacked a bandana on (tried 3 different ones to get the right colour with new hair!), and I considered wearing my glasses to hide my eyes slightly. However I toughened up on myself, and kept the contacts in. Wrinkles are here to stay so I best get used to them! I also wore a shirt over my t-shirt, so I didn't feel so stuck on my body. Boom, these things definitely helped. I then forced myself out and had a great time. Imagine I'd let my weird body thoughts impact my night activity choices? That would have been lame.

Our thoughts can be wayward creatures. Sometimes they need telling who's boss.