How I cope when I feel glum

I've had a challenging week this week, so I thought I'd reflect on some of the strategies I use when I'm feeling a little glum.

1. Speak to those who make you feel like you're fabulous. If you don't feel you have anyone you can call, I've found that my friends became closer the more I was willing to share and ask for help. People like to feel useful. It's often said that if you want to make friends, don't focus on offering your services/help, provide them an opportunity to help you.

2. Practice some self-care. This may mean slightly different things for you and I, but I like to put some effort into my hair and make-up, get enough sleep, and have some lovely food.

3. Only indulge yourself for a set amount of time. If I feel like I need to cry or wallow, I give myself a structure. I may allow an hour, or 3 hours, then I have to switch it up, and stop. This may be 20 minutes of sad music, followed by a shower and a walk.

4. Magazines have always seemed so indulgent to me; they're the same price as a book, yet finished with so quickly. So when I need a treat, a magazine is a great non-food based reward.  I snuggle into bed with a magazine and a hot drink.

5. Getting out of the house. If you're feeling glum, a change of environment can sometimes be enough to snap you out of it. It forces you to get dressed anyhow.