How do you structure your diary? Featuring my favourite A4 Filofax

So, the end of December means a new diary (or filofax inserts) for most people. It is hard not to get excited with all of those fresh pages, itching to get filled up with fabulous new things to do.

Earlier this year I upgraded to an A4 Filofax, and one of things (one of the many things!) I love about it, is that it is easier to print your own personalised pages (as it takes A4 pages).

Now that I have used up the old 2011 diary pages, I have printed my first set of personalised Filofax pages. Woohoo.

I have added my business motto on the top, and have one week on an A4 page. On the left hand side I have a notes section, as well as an 'Actions for Week' tick list. I also have a blank box just for doodling. I have a feeling I will want to change it to one week over two pages, but will use these until March, and assess my needs then!

I did find hole punching a challenge (you can see two of the holes needed two attempts) so I may look into buying a Filofax sized hole punch.

How do you organise your diary?