How do you reward yourself? My mini staycation.

At last night's Wonderful Women meeting we were discussing how we reward ourselves for our small successes and achievements, and whether we do it enough. We were listing free rewards, cheap rewards and expensive rewards and sharing ideas. This week I've had an expensive reward, of a few staycation days. I figured I'd take advantage of the sunshine, and have a holiday experience at home.

My staycation day was was a trip to The Old Operating Theatre and a bench picnic by the river. Well, I say picnic, but it was pretty much a sugar fest, with meranges, strawberries, squirty cream and lime sherbet soda.

Staycation day two was a more official picnic, with more substantial food.

I love picnics, and always try and arrange some sunny eating if possible! It's darn near impossible not to feel ace lounging on the grass.

I've branched out a bit for staycation part three, and I'm off to Brighton for two days. I'm super excited as I'm treating it like a little holiday!