How do you invest in your own well being?

Sometimes we need to make investments into our own wellbeing. Exercising, for me, is an investment into my own health, in both body and mind.

Studies have of course shown, over and over, that excercise is beneficial to our moods, fitness, and general well being. 

Yesterday as I jogged to the gym, I reflected that I'd also made an investment into my happiness with an appointment with a cognitive hypnotherapist. I'd been a tad nervous about the cost of such a session, but actually, if it isn't worth investing in our own happiness, what is it worth spending our money on!

I had my session yesterday, to change my emotional response to managing my finances, and got emailed over my tape to listen to each night for two weeks. The tape is completely personal to me, using my language, vocabularly and goals.

I'm a very big believer in the power of own internal voices, and have successfully changed my own 'voice' in a few other areas of my life. This final one was stumping me, so I decided to get help with it!

We are the result of our thoughts, and I don't think we are powerless to control these. It just takes work; sadly there are no magic wands to wave.