How do you care for your tattoos?

I have now been tattooed by 7 different tattoo artists, and been given different advice by each of them. All of my tattoos have healed well enough, so I just tend to do whatever I feel like now!

Back when I got my first tattoos I used good ol' preparation H. Obviously designed for piles, but stops itchy etc.

I have also been sold proper tattoo wax, some Australian stuff in a tin. Hard to apply and messy.

I then got recommended Bepanthen, a nappy rash cream.

I then changed to Vaseline lotion. Had to be the yellow bottle.

I have now been told not to use any cream or lotion at all, as it makes people lazy (when caring for their new tattoo). I have now been told to wash it with very hot water regularly with soap. It musn't be anti bacterial (again in contradiction to the other times I have been made to buy anti-bacterial soap).

I have also been told different things about the cling film - how long to leave it on etc. I have been told anything from 4 hours to over night.

I am no doctor. I give no medical advice. I am only describing the care I have given my own tattoos (of which I have quite a few, ranging from small to large). However, I no longer stress out about the care. I aim to leave it pretty much to itself to heal itself. I do my best not to scratch (the tattoo pat is a good move to master), and to not get clothing stuck to it.

 I see so many people get very stressed about tattoo care, and googling it does no help. Every artist seems to recommend something different, often in contradition to each other. Feel free to listen to that particular artist tattooing you, but also feel free to do what you know has worked for you in the past.

I'd love to see how many different care methods people have been prescribed. All of the methods I used were because an artist told me to do that. However, some artists I visited didn't even advise anything. I presume because they could see I was tattooed quite a lot already.

How do you look after yours?