Hot Hair Wig Review - Pink Ombre Bob

I've been wearing full wigs every day for just over 2 months now, and I've loved hearing that some of you have gained the confidence to try wigs yourself after seeing me wear them too!

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I was sent this pink ombre bob wig to review from Hot Hair, and it's from their new Fantasy Wig Collection. It currently costs £65. It isn't a lace front lace, which certainly makes it a higher end priced wig, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

When a new wig arrives, I generally always chop a fringe in. This is because I like a fringe on me, but it also helps disguise the hairline, helping make it look more realistic. I also powder wigs with dry shampoo or baby powder, just to dull the shine of the plastic (I don't have any real hair wigs).

The hair on this wig is lovely, and didn't tangle. The joy of short wigs is that they tangle less, but the type of fibre also effects this.

The wig cap is a tad too big for my head, but not so much that it causes any issues. Some wigs have combs at the front, but this wig is just a regular cap. You could add one if you fancied, but I find sometimes wearing a comb can give you a small headache if it pulls too tight!

I wore this wig out for the first time, and at the market instantly got a compliment on my hair, and received gasps when I said it was wig. She couldn't believe it!

This wig is on the pricier side, but what you're getting is a thick wig, with good quality fibres. You're also getting an almost ready-to-wear cut (minus my fringe). A lot of cheaper bob wigs are very blunt, and wig-like. This comes cut into a lovely graduated bob shape, which definitely makes it easy to grab and go once it arrives.

It also comes with a parting, which is also one of the things that makes a wig look more realistic. Cheaper wigs often don't have partings (they all have the hair coming from a centre point). 

This is what makes synthetic wigs different from each other - the fibre, the cut, the parting and the cap formation.

Hot Hair largely sell 'regular' wigs, rather than brightly coloured fashion wigs, so I was excited to see this new collection - hopefully they'll continue to add to their rainbow options!