Hold the Phone - I got a new tattoo

The salon opened in May 2012, and so when May 2013 came upon us I took a moment to reflect on the year. We planned a staff party but for a million and one reasons it just didn't happen. Before we knew it, June was here.

So I decided a tattoo would at least acknowledge our awesome journey so far. I have a rockalily lipsticks tattoo for the same reason. I got a tattoo on the day I collected the salon keys, and a year on it felt right to add to the rockalily collection.

I was booked in today to get my hot air balloon tattoo coloured in but I grazed it this week, which meant it couldn't be done. I had also booked in for a small filler, the rockalily birthday one. As it stood I just made the filler one bigger.

I was looking forward to it!

The phone is a different style to a lot of my other tattoos which feels like a nice addition to my collection! I'm pretty easy going when I get tattooed, an happy to go more with their flow than mine. So this wasn't exactly as I planned it, but I enjoy the slight unknowingness of the process. It'd be boring if I knew exactly how it would turn out! Once it's healed I can get some better photos of it.