History of eyebrows

I have been enjoying the book recently, "Beauty and Cosmetics 1550-1950" by Sarah Jane Downing.

One element in particular surprised and almost delighted me - the history of eyebrows!

- In the 1100s, women were told to be beautiful by removing individuality rather than adding to it. Eyebrows are expressive, and were therefore removed byb plucking. This extended to plucking the hairline back, often to the top of the head!

-In the 1300s, eyebrows and hairlines were still being completely removed, despite vanity being a sin. It was thought that ugly people were ugly so that God knew who to punish.

- Moving on to the 1700s and eyebrows were fashionably black,  often shaped and darkened with a lead comb. There are records as early as 1703 of ladies ingenious solution to needing more defined brows. They used mice fur! It was cut into shape and glued on, although sadly often falling off and the butt of many jokes.

It seems we're not the only people to be obsessed with eyebrow shapes!