Hire Fitness Review - would you rent fitness equipment at home?

Are you someone who prefers to work out at home, rather than the gym? I'm typically a gym or streets girl, but was curious to review a service offered by Hire Fitness, fitness equipment hire for your home.

I was offered a 6 week trial of a vibratation plate to review, so I swiftly arranged delivery and gave it a go!

I did a bit of googling to see what I could expect from the machine, as my gym is pretty low-tec, and I've never used one before. The general idea seems to be that you work out on it, and the vibrations make your body work harder, so you can do less but still get results. Think squats, dips and planks etc.

I was a little disappointed that I had to help carry the very heavy machine up my stairs, I'd presumed that they would have enough people to carry each piece of equipment. The delivery guy was super helpful, and demo-ed the machine.

I have to say, despite us putting the machine on the mat to muffle the vibrations, I was still very nervous of the downstairs neighbour! Perhaps suited best to people who live on the ground floor!

Honestly, I found that working out at home just doesn't suit me. I still want to get out to the gym, I like the 'away-ness' it offers. 

I do still think the idea of hiring fitness equipment is a smart one. You can test run something, or just kickstart a fitness regime if you're shy of the gym at first. If you have a large house, and can create more of a gym space, I can see it would work for some people, who don't have a gym nearby.

If you want to give something a test-run on Hire Fitness, you can use the discount code "reeree" for a 20% discount.