Highlighted blonde to white blonde bombshell with Olaplex

highlighted blonde to platinum white blonde

It may seem like it should be easy to go from a natural highlighted blonde to a more striking platinum blonde, but it takes commitment and patience. The picture on the far left is 3 months ago, and the far right picture is on the 3rd colour appointment.

The middle picture is the colour we achieved in the first appointment, and we knew it was a transition shade! Appointment two isn't shown here, but we played with going pink, as we continued to try and even out all of the blonde tones.

The gorgeous creamy platinum was achieved with regular trims (every appointment), Olaplex and patience. We can't always get the hair we want full stop, but we can sometimes if we're willing to commit to a process. This level of blonde requires appointments every 6 weeks - find out why here, if you want a clean even tone you can't get lazy!