Hidden Rainbow Hair in London

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It's been a couple of years since the Hidden Rainbow hit the hair world, but at Rockalily Cuts at least, it's still a very popular colour request. We've moved on from just a literal rainbow (although these are of course still fabulously joyous), and regularly give our clients a secret panel of vivids, tucked away, in a host of hues.

where to get hidden rainbow london

Greating a hidden pop of brilliance takes a careful consideration of placement and pallette, and these secret rainbows can take longer to create than at first you may think. They're a hell of a lot of fun though!

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hidden mermaid rainbow.JPG

They can be a great gate-way colour, before you're completely sure you want to go the whole hog, but they're often always a compromise that keeps work regulations happy, while you still get to play with your hair. 

The downside to having a rainbow of hues, is that upkeep can be more demanding than having just one or tone complimentary tones, but they're definitely fabulous and fun.