Hello 2016, I've been waiting for you!

We made it guys, another year ticked off the list. The cliche of reflecting on a year passed and the upcoming year head exists for a reason. Even if you try and fight it, there is a sense of starting a new chapter. Maybe it's the act of starting a new calendar/diary, or just that everyone is talking about their new year resolutions and you can't help but get sucked in, but that feeling is definitely there.

2015 worked me hard. It's been a really tough year, most of which I kept off social media, but blimey I'm not sad that I'm waving it goodbye. It required a lot of gritting my teeth, braving a smile and just plodding on. A great life lesson we all need to learn from sometimes. I felt oddly proud when a friend wrote in a Christmas card to me, "I really admire your ability to stay happy and I think of you when I'm feeling sorry for myself." An achievement I feel pride in. We should take more pride in our own attitudes.

In 2015 I moved house, from North to East London, and after a lot of online dating (definitely shared that online!) it finally paid off. I met B via Tinder in July.  So I've spent the time adjusting from being a pretty good dater, to learning how to 'relationship'. In a funny way its nice to see the hard work I've done on my inner self pay off. I'm excited to start my new year with him.

A couple of years ago I made some big changes to my diet and fitness as a January resolution, and although my food is still pretty decent, I want to get back into fitness in 2016. This year just forced everything to take a bit of a back seat for a while. I'm really hoping to find my fitness bug again this year, and make my body the best its been. 2016 I'm ready for you.