Healthy and Happy Sex Lives


My feminist ramblings often lead me to consider what messages women are sent about sex, and our bodies. Today I was contemplating how much happier and healthier I feel about my own sexual attitudes and experiences now that I'm 30. Turning thirty, along with losing some weight have made a massive difference to me, and there is some definite sadness that the 20-something ReeRee couldn't figure that stuff out.

I tweeted my thoughts, and got some ace tweets back, with the hashtag #healthysexlives and thought I'd share!



What caused the biggest improvement in your sex life?

"ran a marathon! and yes, had the same effect!" 

"being with the man I love. Simple but so true"

"Realising that my size doesn't actually put any limitations on my sex life, my brain does. Also, suspenders."

"Lettung go of guilt & admitting what I wanted. No apologies. Getting older & being comfortable in my own skin helped too."

"Just starting to realize that I am awesome, no watter what size I am, and just enjoying it. The end. :D x"

"Losing 4st, leaving a dead relationship and finally putting myself first. Embracing the filth helped too"

"so many thoughts on this, needs blogpost rather than 140 chars! But awareness of all aspects of my sexuality was key"

"Realising at about 21 that a mans libido isn't a measure of your sexual attractiveness"

"You're as hot as you feel, not how often you're felt."

"Discussed sex with my Gran at 12 - beat the embarrassment and awkwardness out so I just relax and enjoyed it (not at 12 obv)"

"I think it has to be turning 30 and shooting a hopefuls set for suicide girls."

" I stopped worrying about what I looked like. It made a world of difference."

"in all honesty? Having my son. Made me realise my body hang ups were pointless. Let me love myself again."

"once I learned to love myself, I finally accepted someone else could. Wonderful, freeing feeling!"

" realising sex isn't just penetration"

"My thirties are wonderful.I am so happy in my skin and much more confident.I analyzed EVERYTHING in my twenties.LOVE LIFE!"

"realising that good communication is the best. Also realising I am so not straight or monogamous."

" I was 32 on Tuesday, I'm too old for hang ups! Doing Burlesque, running & losing weight helped too."

"Admitting what I wanted, investing in good, gorgeous underwear and becoming more comfortable in my own skin!"

" realising my Gran was lying when she said masturbation would make you grow a penis."