Health Update - when was your last smear?

Back in 2011 I blogged my top 10 tips for a happy smear test as I'd had so much experience of having my bits poked! I was so pleased at the response the post got (and continues to get) as it felt great to be able to share my experiences (of something negative) and help people feel more positive about it.

I've had smear tests every 3/6 months for years and years, often at hospital rather than my GP, but finally today I received this letter. I'm back to regular 3 yearly checks! I literally yelped out loud with joy! I honestly presumed I'd still be heading to my local hospital every few months for years to come, that it had just become my life. Its been so long like that, that I honestly felt my little cervix would never quite be happy as it was.

It feels pretty weird, but in such a great way. Having gone from CIN 3 (severe changes), having regular smears and colpoloscopies and laser treatment (under a full anaesthic) years ago, I'm now back to square one. Finally. In an odd way, I'm more scared now than I have been. Being kept such a close eye on meant I didn't need to fear further changes - I knew they'd be caught so quickly, but now I'm being left 3 years like everyone else, I have to trust my cervix to behave!