Having a market stall at an event

I visited a community festival today as a couple of friends had stalls. Here is #wwmoob Pip Jolley, with her fabulous stall. It got me thinking, about how businesses decide whether to take a stall or not. there are certainly many opportunities out there at the moment!

Firstly, I would remember that the people selling the stall space have a job to sell the stall space. If it is a one off, they don't need to mind how much money you'll actually take. If its a regular event, they have more of a vested interested in keeping you happy.

Secondly, how busy will the event be? This one is hard to predict, other things can get in the way - football, weather, train strikes etc.

Thirdly, are the crowd likely to buy your product. Is your pricing similar to the rest of the stalls? Will people have the amount of cash you are asking for?

You may also want to consider what else is being sold - which other businesses will be trading? Are people selling similar things (this sometimes is a good thing, sometimes a bad!). 

Ask the event organisers how the event will be advertised, how will they be attracting passing traffic? Is the location easy to find?

What will success mean to you, once the last penny has been tallied? What will make it worth your while? You will have to pack, carry, unpack , sell all day, and take a day away from whatever else it is you do. Will breaking even be enough? Will handing out 100 business cards make you happy? Earning minimum wage?

If you do decide to try a stall, knowing how you will evaluate it afterwards will help you decide whether you would do it again! 

You could also consider pairing up with a complimentary business, so that you can halve your costs - although of course this means you can only display half of the amount of stock!