Have we become too scared to be quiet?

I was on the train this morning, happily reading my book (I enjoy having the downtime to read) when two men sat opposite me started ruining the peace. One was watching a tv show on his laptop (without any headphones) and the other had Rihanna playing rather loudly through his headphones. My deadly glare managed to get the headphone guy to turn his off/down, but the laptop tv just continued for the whole journey.

Before I had the dog, I used to listen to music on headphones, as well as often having a book to read. I often giggle to myself when I look around the bus and everyone is attached to their electronic device.

When, and why did we become so afraid of being quiet? Or still? 

As I said, since getting a dog, I have stopped listening to music on the commute, as people like to talk to him/about him. I love that he means I have chats with random Londoners, as it just makes the world seems a more friendly place!

Listening to music (or watching tv shows even on your ipad/iphone) means we don't have to leave our own bubble. We don't have to smile at anyone, or say please or thankyou. We don't need to acknowledge that anyone else exists, ever.

Antisocial behaviour has always existed, and its very easy to don some rose-tinted glasses and remember a yesteryear of manners and social niceties, but the 'glued to our sound system' is very new.

Go on, be brave. Enjoy the quiet and take out your earphones. Enjoy a quiet read, or even just a moment to be still. You may find London a more friendly place than you realise.