Happy 3rd Birthday Rockalily Cuts

Yesterday was the 3rd birthday of getting the keys to Rockalily Cuts, and in some ways it feels like its flown by, and in others its been a lifetime!

The salon has changed so much, since these early photos, and I guess I've changed loads too. The year prior to opening the shop I'd worked from home, selling Rockalily Lipstick, so I'd progressed from being a solopreneur to having premises and staff. It's a big jump, and the journey doesn't really stop!

Running a business that has premises and staff is a completely different kettle of fish to working for yourself at home. The responsibility of rent, rates, staff, taxes and customer experience is a heavy one, but of course rewarding.

Apparently over half of new businesses don't survive their first five years, but I'd perhaps bet that if you included only bricks and mortar businesses (with shop fronts) it would be higher.

In additional, 20per cent of those new businesses failed within the first year, so if you make it through, your chances obviously increase of succeeding in the long term.

So, I'm trying to pause and take a moment to feel proud and grateful that my business is still here, in year 3 (year 4 if you include the lipstick business).

Thanks for all your business birthday wishes over on instagram! And thank you if you've visited us, follow us online, or told anyone about us! It really all does help.