Hair Inspiration from Instagram this week

I've been poorly, so have been taking fewer pictures of myself so I decided to go through some of the instgram photos I'd liked recently due their hair inspiring me in some way!

1. Jamie-Lee has a perfect fringe here, I've wanted to grow some longer side fringe bits myself but my hair keeps snapping there, due to being damaged. Love this look.

2. Bethany is a hairdresser and beautician and gosh with those bangs and eyebrows you can tell right?! A killer fringe.

3. Hazel has cracked her colour! I don't want to be blue again at the moment, but I definitelyappreciate a great shade of aqua!

4. Ruby is actually a client of Rockalily Cuts, but she needs no help making her hair look amazing every day. 

5. Linda is rocking some rolls that make me wish I wore my hair rolled more often.

6. Olivia wears my perfect beehive. A casual beehive is so classic and gorgeous.

7. _nerdgirl has also embraced natural toned hair recently, and I'd love to be able to have some highlights through mine. Not able to yet, but that's the goal.

8. Kinsey always wears lovely victory rolls, and I always like the height she creates with them. Mind tend to be much flatter.

9. Nikki is wearing my favourite way of wearing a chiffon scarf. Casual but awesomely chic.