Gym goal - achieved!!

smith machine

I'm finally ready to give up Bodypump, and move back into the gym. I love bodypump, which is a weight lifting class to music, but it simply won't get me to where I need to be. I've always known it, but I loved how motivated the teachers made me, and it got me to the gym, which is never a bad thing!

But years ago, when I got fitter and smaller, I lifted heavier. I know that it is lifting heavier that makes changes to my body, but after moving to a new gym, and having time away, I'd lost all my confidence.

It's hard walking into the weights area; you're not sure if you'll do it right, and you have lots of men watching you, and your body. It's intimidating. But I know that once you cross the line, you feel fine, and stop caring. In my old little gym, I felt fine using the equipment, but in my newer, bigger gym I feel all lost and scared again.

So yesterday, after being bored of not fitting into my clothes, I booked an induction. To a gym I've been a member of for a year...he he. You book them by goal, so I had a strength and muscle growth induction. I knew I just needed to be shown some things to feel better about returning alone. I was relieved when he suggested warming up with some HIIT cardio for 10 minutes, which is exactly what I used to do, years ago when I got fit. I used to sprint 2K, in as fast a time as I could manage, which would exhaust me. Yesterday he also showed me how to use an S-Drive manual treadmill, which I really loved. It looks like a treadmill with a harness on it. Have you seen one? 

Then he asked, "Is there any equipment you've always wants to use?" and I yelped out, "Yes! The Smith machine!". I've wanted to explore the squat racks and smith machine for YEARS. I've never found the courage to give it a go. It's definitely the 'big man' territory in the gym. So off we trotted to the smith machine.

I loved it! It felt really interesting to squat perfectly straight (when we freeweight squat we rely on our own form to stay straight, but with the smith machine we have no choice). As someone who has a chronic back issue (I can't sit on chairs, I use a special one), I really think this will help me develop core strength. It felt brilliant, finally getting in that part of the gym. Can't wait to gain my confidence there, and then head to an unassisted squat rack. Bodypump is great for confidence in this area, as I've done the basic movements already (clean and press, dead lift etc). Means I have rehearsed moves to get going with.

So, I'm hoping I'm finally returned to weights. Maybe I'll treat myself to a Bodypump class every now and then too!