Growing Old Disgracefully....

Cliches are obviously established through a truth, and feeling awesome in your 30s is so far proving true. No matter what age you are, you always seem to think you're as mature as you'll ever be, and reflection from experience always seems to prove it a tad wrong. I wonder if that ever stops....? 

I enjoyed my 20s, and definitely loved not being a teenager (which sucked, and I pity them all!), and year on year that continued improving. I had a few moments of feeling I had finally 'arrived'. But yet year on year I reflected back, laughing at my prior certainities. 

So now I'm 30, and so far its been great, but I guess its very different to what I imagined being 30 would be like when I was a teen. I'm not settled with a husband and children, I'm not a housewife (rather amusingly what I wanted to be when I was a teen!) and my life is still rather unpredictable.

 In some ways I wish I could have felt like this in my 20s, but I know deep down it's only possible to be me now, because of who I was back then. The 30s holds the crucial dilemma for child-free women, but I'll worry about that one another time. I feel better than I ever have, and for now that's enough.