Green Envisage Wig Review - The current favourite wig

I've shared some of my wig collection before, but I wanted to add my current favourite! 

This is a wig from Envisage Yourself, and it arrives super curly (see above). I gave it a trim, and a calm down!

When the hair arrived, it came in such a swanky box that I was surprised that the hair didn't feel very soft. I was a little disappointed. However, how wrong I was! This is now my favourite day-to-day wig!

I actually think the plastic is less soft, because it's super light. It's less sweaty, and a little less tangly than most wigs, and the lack of softness actually makes the hair a little less shiny.

After cutting some length off, and cutting the fringe shorter, it really is a lovely wig to wear! The curls make it a bold statement, so its not a wig for the faint hearted, but I love it! I plan to get it in other colours too!