GoodGym - Pills for Pride in Tower Hamlets

GoodGym is a running group that combines keeping fit and volunteering for the community. I've been to GoodGym a couple of times before, and last night I tried a different group (each area has a different leader and session day). The Tower Hamlets group last night had such an interesting voluntary task I wanted to take part! 

We ran to The National Aids Trust and we were set the challenge of painting some papier mache hats in the shape of pills. They're for marching in Pride, to promote the Trust's campaign about a pill called Truvada that can prevent a person getting AIDS if taken before having sex. You can find out more here

We got painting, and then got running again afterwards! I have to say I wimped out slightly and headed home running, missing the GoodGym workout, but I do hope to go again tonight, and I wouldn't cope with two runs back to back if I'd squatted and burpeed my way to leg hell!