Goodgym - I'm back.

goodgym review 2017

Two years ago I blogged about going to GoodGym and I find it oddly sad to read my old post,

"I'm really starting to accept that I'm a generally fit person. However I even found typing that sentence tricky! Like I'm saying something that isn't true. This run gave me confidence though, I kept pace, and felt fit enough." and "Getting fitter and losing a bit of weight have been one of the best things I've done for my general well being."

I find it hard to remember being the fitter version of me, and I'm starting to lose hope that I'll ever be her again. But I'm back. I've done two Goodgym runs recently and that's all we can do...start again.

goodgym harringey

In contrast to how I felt two years ago running with Goodgym, I currently find them hard. Last night's run was longer than the average, and I confess, I nearly quit half way through and got the train home. I didn't, I stuck it out, but gosh my body hurt, and my lungs were working overtime. I'm unfit now and it sucks.

good gym what is it like

If you're not sure what Goodgym is, its a nationwide running club/charity, where you do a run, and halfway you stop and do some voluntary work for a local community project. You may do gardening, moving compost, helping paint a community centre etc. You then run back! It's free, but you can donate if you can afford it. I've done 10 runs in total, 8 were two years ago though! ha. 

There is no quick fix to being fit. There is the struggle at the start, while your body figures it all out again. And I just have to crawl through it, knowing its worth it at the other end. That's what I keep telling myself anyway!