Moby Dick Crazy Golf

I seem to have developed an odd habit - crazy golf! Last week I played at Birdie's Golf in Stratford and this week I went to Moby Dick crazy golf in Romford! 

This course was definitely much bigger, and we were there on a super sunny day which was ace. We also lucked out somewhat, as we were behind a large group, and as you have to wait for the group ahead to move on, we ended up playing each hole two or three times - a bargain!

I somehow managed 3 hole-in-ones which was pretty fun! 

Crazy golf may seem a little silly, but we were both actually surprised at how much we enjoyed it. It was a lovely way to get outside in the sunshine. 

I'm increasingly finding it important to actually do something different at the weekend, to feel like I've had a rest/break from working in the week, to stop the weekend merging into one long blah. It allows you to switch off, and zone away from everything else, which I think is critical for a life/work balance. As we get older it can be harder to find 'fun' and yet just as important as when we were children.