A trip to David Clulow for my first Ray-Bans

My name's Ree and I am a glasses wearer. I realised I needed assistance with my vision when I was 17 and at college. I complained that the OHP was out of focus, much to the amusement of my classmates. A friend passed her glasses over, and I gasped when I tried them on. The world was so clear and sparkling!

I started my spectacles journey with a bumpy start, hating my glasses, and only wearing them when I really had to. I wore contact lenses to go out in. I felt ugly in glasses, and was always reminded of the phrase "Guys don't make passes to girls who wear glasses." BOOOOO.

wearing vintage glasses 2017.jpg

Jump forward to now. 18 years on, and I adore wearing glasses. I never wear contacts, and I own a whole shelf load of glasses. I love that I'm a girl who wears glasses, and men do make passes...promise! I'd say 90% of my glasses collection are vintage frames, but I do allow a couple of brand new frames to sneak in too!

Recently I was excited to be offered a visit to David Clulow Opticians to review their eye health check service, and to try my very first pair of Ray-Bans. It was perfect timing as my last eye test was 2 years ago, and I was due another visit. So I got booked in to the Covent Garden store and prayed to the eye gods that my prescription hadn't changed much (imagine having to update all of my frames with new lenses!). The eye exam and the glasses were gifted to me as a review, but of course my thoughts are all my own.

rayban review.jpg

What surprised me about walking into the David Clulow store was how upmarket it felt. I usually visit Specsavers for my eye tests, as I've always thought they offered the cheapest eye test. I couldn't imagine wanting to spend more on one, it's just a test right!? I entered the shop, and loved how smart it all felt, less noisey and cluttered than the average Specsavers store. I was really surprised to see that the cost was about the same! I usually pay £20-£25, and David Clulow charge £25. Good to know, as I somehow presume the fancier looking opticians are automatically more expensive. They also do NHS tests, if you qualify for those!

The eye exam was pretty as expected; thorough, swift and pretty chilled. They're not just checking your vision, but the entire health of the eye. Opticians can spot a wide variety of health concerns, so even if you don't currently wear glasses, an eye check is still recommended.

I did try on a few round frames (the only shape I don't really own) but gosh no. Simply no. I loved that the they pushed me to try a few new things, but I couldn't help it. I had to go for a classic Ray-Ban frame, as its suits my retro preferences perfectly. I just like what I like!

raybans david clulow.jpg

I was impressed with how fast my glasses were made, and the staff were super friendly and welcoming. I'm definitely going to return there for my next eye test. Oh and the eye gods listened, my prescription hadn't changed at all! Woohoo!