Glamour Bunny - Amazing Repro Dresses for your Inner Pin-Up

I've never actually seen any Glamour Bunny dresses in the flesh, but I've heard they're pretty ace. I took a minute to take a look and OMG......I fell in love a little.

Um, hello....this dress is amazing. Its 1970s inspired and just amazing. I wish I didn't need to wear such a structured bra or I'd be all over this one.

I'm such a fan of a quality neckline, and this lovely shape is uber flattering. Challenging for bra lines though (maybe better for small boobed ladies!)

This pastel pink 1960s inspired dress is dreamy. And hold the phone, it comes in yellow!

The pink shoes ruin this dress, so ignore them, but blimey the dress is amazing! I'd love it with a beehive.

Another 1960s dress, again, just fabulous.

If you need to fully embrace retro glam? This is bleeding fantastic. It may fall into my basket my accident......#sorrynotsorry