Glamorous Curls Hair Piece from Beauty Works - Review

Since dying my hair dark, from the blue it had been for a year, I'm suddenly able to dip my toe back into the fake hair world. If I'd wanted to use hair pieces when I was blue, I'd have had to get real blonde hair and dye it to match, and I'm not ok with using real hair. 

So, I treated myself to a Beauty Works Double Volume Glamorous Curl 3/4 wig. I initially went for the darkest brown, which was the shade called Raven, but when it arrived it was far too warm/chocolate, rather than a near black/brown. When you get a 3/4 wig you need to match your own hair as the hair around your face will still be your actual hair, rather than the wig.

Beauty Works were great with returning it for an exchange, despite me having ripped the first box open with excitement. I emailed to ask for colour advice, and they suggested one of their black shades; Ebony. The exchange was pretty darn swift too.

The colour match is much better this time, and when I got to work I couldn't wait to try it on!

If you know me, you may well know I have an inner essex girl in me, and this hair definitely brings it out!

Yes, it is a tad crazy, but do you know what.....? It feels pretty ace, swishy around like a mermaid. I'm a little worried about people laughing, but I'm sure I'll get over that quickly, hair extensions are hardly rare these days!