Glamoriser Freestyler - Super quick vintage poodle up-do

I was recently sent the Glamoriser Freestyler from HQ Hair to review, and I've finally had a play! They're cordless, which is a bit exciting, for travelling, and just for ease of use. No wires to get tangled in. I decided to use them this morning to create a super quick vintage-inspired poodle updo.

 I have a bob with a complete undercut, and naturally wavy and thick hair. As you can see in picture 1. it's rather crazy when I wake up. Picture 2. is after a good brush. Easy so far right?

curling hair with straighteners.jpg

The next stage is to curl the hair using the straighteners. To do this, straighten the hair section quickly, to make it smooth, then on the second passing, curl your hand to curl the hair. It's something you just have to have a go at! It needs smooth blades, I find cheaper straighteners sometimes grip a little too much.  What made this hair a super quick and cheat up-do is that I only curl the front section, and completely left the back. It's only going to be pinned flat to my head.

I gather the curled parts and pin them messily to the front/top section of my head.

Stage 5 is curling my fringe under. I do this in three sections and stage 6. is after brushing the 3 sections together. 

So, a super fast (promise!) vintage up-do. This same style can be done with much more perfect curls, but personally I like the more lived in messy look, to make it less formal.You can even sleep in it and just re-pin in the morning.