Getting your hands tattooed - my experience of knuckle tattoos


On friday I attended the London Tattoo Convention and impulsively got my knuckles tattooed. I had been thinking about it vaguely for a few months.

I say vaguely, as I really feel that hand tattoos are such a 'step', and I had not wanted to have them done for a while. There is a reason that traditionally, tattoo artists would only tattoo hands and necks if you were already pretty tattooed. This has changed with recent fashion unfortunately, which I think is a shame. Hand tattoos should be seen as a big deal.

Apparently, according to The Guardian, one fifth of all British adults are now tattooed, however the majority of these I would imagine are hidden by most clothing.

But I have READ MORE forever on my hands, for all to see, and so I'd thought I'd answer some of the many questions I received over on Twitter.

1. Are they real? - Yes.

2. Did they hurt? - Clearly tattoos hurt. Clearly. I had been warned that my fingers would hurt a lot, but actually they weren't as bad as I had expected. My left hand was a lot more painful than the right, and nearer the middle knuckle of each finger was more 'knarly'.

3. Why READ MORE? - Because we all should. I was a primary teacher because I believe we all should. I was a secondary school librarian because we all should. Read more people, our world would be a better place.

4. Have you told Mother Rockette yet? - I have now, and she didn't say much. But she fiercely defends my right to make my own choices (and mistakes). I'm a grown up now!

5. Who was the artist? - It was a random choice at the London Tattoo Convention.