Getting thinner - all in the angle of a photo?

This is a picture of me in Vegas, meeting a lovely shop assistant who recognised me and my salon from instagram. I got quite a few comments on this picture about how much smaller I'm looking at the moment.

Now, since January I have been eating better, and trying to exercise, and I did post my before/after pictures, so yes, I'm smaller than I used to be, by a little bit.

My friends have noticed it in my face (and shoulders oddly!) and people comment on it when I haven't seen them for a little while. So yes I'm smaller. 

But it also got me thinking about the power of a photograph. 


This photo of me was taken the same day, and clearly the way I'm sitting, and how my top bunches, makes me look much bigger. Not obese by any means, but no one ran to comment how skinny I was looking when this picture went up.

Social media, 'selfies' and celebrities who have their bodies scrutinised in the press make us feel the power of the photo - the angle and the split second shot suddenly go under the microscope.

It's odd isn't it, how our bodies hold so much power for praise, embarrassment, pride, judgement.

I definitely feel happier with my bodyabout a size smaller (I was about a 12/14, I'm not about a 10/12) and I want to find my gym habit again (holidays always muck things up!) as I want to get strong, but I still find it odd that people comment on my body. It's meant as a compliment, but it still surprises me.