Getting the implant - two weeks on

periods on the implant.jpg

I've had my implant (to stop myself having babies) two weeks ago now, and since sharing my first post, I've had a lot of women sharing their long-term contraception experiences with me too.

So, two weeks on. My bruising on my arm has gone, and it feels less creepy to feel the implant under my skin. Phew. I still have a small mark which hasn't healed away yet, just like a mosquito bite really.

During the first week I was very concerned about my mood swings, and got quite panicked about the hormonal implications  on my emotions. I'm naturally a very logical thinking person, but I had a few moments of fearing the chemicals pouring into my bloodstream, as I'd started to fear they were making me cry at the drop of a leaf. It turned out that in actual fact, I was just experiencing very logical reactions to a stressful week. It wasn't hormones; it was just life.

I'd been praying to be in the magical 1in5 women who stop periods altogether with the implant, but I'm currently experiencing spotting. I'm on about day 4 (I'm keeping track so that over the months I can judge what is happening). When I say spotting I mean one panty liner for the whole day. So definitely not a full period as such, but annoying none-the-less.

It seems that bleeding on the implant can be very unpredictable. Spotting and then months of nothing, or 2 months of full on bleeding, or nothing at all. The doctors really like you to give your body a chance to adjust too; a full 6 months is usually advised to let it settle.

If the bleeding doesn't stop, they apparently give you a pill to take rather ironically. The pill is to control the periods, but the implant gives a more reliable protection against pregnancy.

So I'm watching this space.