Getting the Implant (no babies for me)

getting the implant

At the start of week me and my best mate took each others' hands and skipped to the clinic together to try the implant for the first time. Not because we were that scared, just that its one of those appointments you keep putting off, and so we promised each other we'd just make a date and stick to it.

I've never tried the implant before, but it seems an interesting idea, so I'm willing to give it a shot. It can last for 3 years, and it protects you for all of that time. Some women stop having periods completely, some get heavier ones and some get unpredictable ones. I'm praying to the period gods to stop completely of course.

I don't think men full appreciate what taking a hormone can mean, and shrug off our choices as small and meaningless. For them, the pill or implant or coil are of a muchness, whereas we're impacting our bodies in ways that can be hard to predict, diagnose and manage. Hormones can alter our moods, our sexual desires, our monthly (or not) bleeding and many women believe our weight (science isn't convinced of that one). They're a big deal. They're amazing if they work with your body, but scary when they don't.

Anyhoo, I'm taking the bandage off today, and I'm a little nervous about feeling the implant under my skin - I'm pretty squeamish! I'm sure I'll quickly get used to it, fingers crossed it all works like a dream.