Getting the implant - 5 weeks on

I got my first implant 5 and a half weeks ago now, and I've been wanting to share my experiences of it, as women often have to make these big decisions after just reading a leaflet at the clinic.

Why did I try it? I liked the idea of my baby prevention working all the time. I spent all of my 20s on the pill, but got nervous if I'd vomited, or been ill, or if I was a little late in taking it. A lot of room for error it seemed. I had read that 1 in 5 woman stop having periods altogether on the implant, which although isn't a high chance, sounded like a gamble worth trying. I figured if I was one of the women who just started bleeding all of the time, I'd just get it taken out. There is also the option of taking a pill to control the bleeding (while still relying on the implant for no babies being made).  I figured it was worth a shot. Taking the regular pill would be my plan B, but the implant has a higher success rate so I decided to start there.

I got the implant, and then on day 12 I started spotting/bleeding. This continued for 16 days which was pretty depressing. Definitely managable though, as it wasn't the flow of a full period. Since that, I've been blood free for 11 days.

I've heard from some women that they have maybe a period once every 4 or so months, so although they're unpredictable, they may not be often. I've heard others say they'd have a small break, but they generally were always bleeding. The doctors like to give you 6 months to have the hormones settle down, but I'd not be willing to wait 6 months of bleeding. If that happens to me, I'd go and ask for the pills to stop the spotting. We've got lives to lead and its unreasonable to expect us to bleed for 6 months.

So far, after 12 days off, 16 days on and 11 days off, I'm happy with it. My moods seem normal, my skin seems normal, and its a very odd feeling knowing I can't get pregnant (yet I don't need to use a condom). So I'm keeping a track on it, and fingers crossed the spotting stays away and I get to just forget about it.

Please note, I had all of my STI checks before having unprotected sex. Don't be foolish ladies, do the same.