Getting the implant: 17 weeks on

How we decide to prevent pregnancies is a complicated and often private matter. When you visit a clinic you're often just handed some leaflets and told to decide which method you'd like to try.

Hormonal methods like the different pills, the coil, and implant can have an impact on your daily life, and it often feels like a gamble. We're told of the side effects, the risks and that we may well have to try it for 6 months before knowing exactly whether it works for us. 

So I've been sharing my implant journey:

Getting the contraceptive implant

The implant two weeks on

The implant five weeks on

The implant 9 weeks on

Today marks 17 weeks (I got it inserted at the end of October, and its now the end of February) so I thought I'd share an update.

There was a point in time at the start of this month where I really thought I'd be making an appointment to visit the clinic and to request a pill. I was told some people take a pill alongside their implant, if the bleeding doesn't settle down. I started a period, which was heavier than I'd had since starting, and it lasted two weeks. It gets very tedious.

However, that went away, and touch wood I've actually had a few weeks clear, not even any spotting. Twitter advice did contain a lot of people telling me it really did take 4-6 months for it to settle, but that it did, so perhaps now I'm past month 4 I may have put it all behind me.

I haven't noticed any mood changes, and it seems its a myth (or at least unproven) that hormonal methods cause weight gain, so I'm wanting to stick with it. I enjoy the freedom to forget about pregnancy prevention (I'm in a relationship so no need for other protection like when you're single).

I'm still waiting to see whether the ongoing spotting and/or bleeding has really settled away, but I'm still hopeful. Its been a long 4 months but I really believe the payoff could be worth it.