Getting tattooed by Cassandra Francis (again)


Almost exactly 4 years ago I got my hand tattooed by Cassandra Frances, and next week I'm getting tattooed by her again. I recieved a tattoo gift voucher from my cousin, and some tattoo-cash from my step mother, so I got myself booked right in!

I actually have no inspiration as to the design, I really don't have any idea that is pulling me towards it. However, I'm not worried about it at all. Over the years I've been tattooed, I've learned that you should go with a tattooist that you just love all of their work. Then you can relax, as you know you'll get something that you love.  Cassandra is one of those artists, where I'd happily have basically any of their work on me.

Her work is soft and pretty, and she nails faces each and every time. Faces are such a great test, as many tattooists just can't quite get them right.

So watch this space, I may well just select something on the day from her available artwork/flash, and I'm happy to just see what happens!