Getting my lower knuckles tattooed

This may sound a little odd, but I was en route to get some acrylic nails put on for a special treat. I used to love having false nails, but this year I've stopped throwing my money away on things like nails! Anyhoo, I was on my way, but arrived 3 minutes before the nail bar opened. I started to walk to sit and have coffee, and just had an epiphany, "Wouldn't it be better value just to get finger tattoos instead?" 

Literally for that split moment, that idea seemed to make perfect sense. Perhaps less so with hindsight, but in the moment; sure.

I popped into the tattoo shop, and asked if they had time to tattoo my bottom knuckles. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't allow everyone to impulsively tattoo their fingers, but once you are heavily tattooed (hands included) you tend to get a free pass at tattoo shops. I explained I wasn't really sure what I wanted, but was happy to just pick some ideas together. They were up for the challenge, and sent me away for an hour, so they could prepare and I could eat some breakfast.

An hour later back I skipped back to the shop, ready with a full stomach (you don't want to get tattooed with low blood sugar levels trust me). Stencils at the ready I was sat in the chair, apologising for having the world's smallest fingers.

Finger tattoos don't tend to hold up to well, and it's pretty standard to return a few weeks for a few touch ups. I seem to have skin that takes tattoos pretty well, my top knuckle tattoos haven't been touched up at all, and were done in 2011. Both me and the tattooer have been pretty impressed with how well they took, but we did do a few teen touch ups today. I again apologised for having the world's smallest fingers.