Getting my gait measured and trying yoga pants to run in

getting gait measured

I've been running again for about 7 weeks, and I've been getting such tight calves. Its not an injury as they loosen up when running, but gosh they started feeling so short and painful. To prevent injury, and of course to lose the pain when I start running, and after trying stretches and ball rolling, I decided to buy some 'proper' running shoes. You know those trainers that are expensive but not really the main brands you've heard of? Those.

I arrived at the running shop, and asked for help buying some shoes. Now I've read on the internet that measuring gait is pseudo-science, but having someone just help me pick some decent shoes should help at least. I was previously running in some Adidas running trainers, that cost me about £45. 

female running shoes always pink

He brought out these pink trainers as a starter pair, to run on the treadmill with. I was definitely wearing the wrong bra. He filmed me running, and then declared that I was largely 'neutral' but perhaps my right foot was slightly pronated. Anyhoo, he also taught me that my running shoe was supposed to be half a size bigger than my foot, which I hadn't know. Silly me.

He went to bring me an assortment of trainers to try on, but I told him I was strictly no pink. He explained that I'd have far fewer options if I wouldn't wear pink. I said that was bullshit wasn't it, and he said that many female customers complained to him about the same thing. In the end I chose these HOKA ONE ONE shoes.

hoka one one review

The first run out felt very bouncy, like walking with moon boots, and I found I caught my front toe a lot, as I had to learn to lift my feet higher! But I liked them enough to be excited about whether they'd show any improvements. That week I continued using a ball to roll my feet and my calves, and then ran again with the new shoes. I found my tight calves were definitely less tight, so I'm hopeful that over a few more weeks I'll have some new stretchy calf muscles in no time!

I was also sent some beautiful yoga leggings from Yoga Design Lab to review recently, and look how cute they are!

I was sent a size Small, and like every time I look at a pair of gym leggings, I panic they won't fit, but actually they were a great fit. They're not highwaisted, which is what I usually go for, for comfort, but they didn't roll down at all.

The mistake I made was to sprint in them. I sort of forgot that they were yoga leggings, and that different leggings suit different activities. Running in them caused them to scruff up on the inside seam, so I'll keep them for weight training days, rather than running! 

They're so cute I may even just wear them for a lazy weekend outfit....that's ok these days right? 

yoga design lab